About us

Who We Are?

TANI (Top Art Nostalgic Insights) Events and Entertainment brings local and global artists and the people who have the zeal to learn more, and the urge to feed the soul with all things good. To be honest, we are just so much in love with arts, music, the field of dance, poetry. We connect people with the three aces of the heart—the Art itself, the Artists, and those who have the greed to learn, the Aesthetes. We begin this journey while taking a leap of faith, strength, trust and hard work while enforcing heaploads of passion.

Our Impact

Our impact comes from our commitment to the field of arts. We personally are committed to give you, the Aesthetes, the best of the experiences through events of fine arts, music, dance, to the best of our dreams.

We promise to give an opportunity to the newcomers, to show their best along with giving a chance for the aspirants to learn from the known. We strive to earn, not by monetary means, but in terms of recognition, respect and love.